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Rylee M.

As a young woman about to get married I knew it was time to find my own health care professional to get an exam and get started on some form of birth control.  Everyone has their own opinion about what is the best birth control to use and what doctor you HAVE to go to.  I was confused and very nervous.  A family member referred me to Mt. Olympus OBGYN to see Lindsay Breinholt, who was a nurse midwife.  I had so many misconceptions about midwifery.  I always thought they were holistic nurses doing natural homebirths and that was not something I was interested in.  I had no idea that they deal with all types of female care.  From my first phone call to my initial consultation I was so impressed with all the information they presented to me.  They took the time to explain everything to me so I was able to make an informed decision about what birth control would be best for me.  During my appointment I was so nervous as I’d never had a female exam.  They were so sweet to me and made me feel extremely comfortable.  I have been so happy with the birth control I chose, it is perfect for me!  Since that 1st appointment they have been so helpful as I’ve come in for my follow-up appointments full of questions that are embarrassing to ask friends and family.  They are so easy to talk to and have all the answers I need.  I have been so thrilled with my experience at Mt. Olympus OBGYN and recommend them to all my friends!  I can’t wait to use them down the road when my husband and I are ready to start having kids!

Susanna S.

Kira Waters actually listens to her patients. She genuinely cares about your health and never rushes through an appointment. She answered all my questions and detailed all my options, and even gave me a follow up call to see how I was doing after I switched to a new form of birth control, which was so refreshing after going to an OB for years who could barely remember my name. She is also incredibly good at what she does; every procedure and exam has been comfortable and pleasant, something I don’t think many women can say about their experience at an OB/GYN office.

Alicia D.

I found Mt. Olympus OB/GYN when I was expecting my first son and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I chose Dr. Eric Nielson as my doctor and he has taken care of me through pregnancy including the delivery of both of my boys as well as my gynecological needs and 2 surgeries for the last 6 years. I love the friendly, organized office/medical (Carrie, Tanya, Kristie and Meagan) staff-they really make you feel at home! Appointments are scheduled appropriately so that wait times are very minimal allowing for maximum time at your appointment, and I have always been able to be seen quickly for urgent matters. Dr. Nielson gives personal care with a casual, professional approach that puts you at ease and creates a comfortable atmosphere-especially with his sense of humor! I have never felt rushed or hurried at any of my appointments. I have the highest confidence in the medical/professional relationship that I have developed with Dr. Nielson (Eric) and he entire Mt. Olympus staff. I have and will continue to refer them to anyone who seeks excellent personalized care. Thanks guys!

Laura B.

After having a c-section with my first child, I was determined that I wanted to experience a natural birth with my second.  Lindsay Breinholt was my midwife and I had a great experience with her.  The office staff and nurses were also very professional and helpful.  I felt very cared for.  Lindsay took the time I needed to answer my questions and encourage me.  The day I gave birth at the hospital was amazing.  I couldn’t have done it naturally without her help.  She stayed with me through many hours of labor and knew how to help me manage the pain.  I was able to labor and deliver naturally thanks to her support and knowledge.  My experience at Mt Olympus OBGYN was exceptional and I would recommend them to anyone!

Rachael F.

Kira Waters WHNP, CNM is a fabulous midwife and nurse practitioner. I went to see her for an annual, and to ask a litany of questions about all things reproductive health related. She is knowledgeable and took the time to answer each of my questions thoughtfully, which made me feel comfortable. She is experienced, gave a good exam, and has excellent bedside manner. I would (and have) recommend her to my friends and family, and will definitely be back to see her at the Mt. Olympus Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Veronica J.

When we wanted to start our family I knew I wanted a midwife.  I found Lindsay online and I saw her for over a year before I was pregnant.  My husband and I were trying for quite some time and Lindsay recommended we try IUI.  We did and on the second attempt we were pregnant!  My pregnancy wasn’t smooth sailing but Lindsay was there every step of the way.  And when Lindsay wasn’t available (which wasn’t often) I saw Dr. Nielson.  He is pretty awesome too.  The entire staff is!I had decided I wanted a natural childbirth and when I went into labor 7 weeks early, I hoped I was mentally up for the challenge.  I had been in labor for about 16 hours when I was about to give up and opt for an epidural. Lindsay arrived just before the epidural was given.  She told me that I was ready to push and that it would actually feel better when I could push.  She was such a tremendous support and guide for me in the process.  I couldn’t have done it without her!  Not only did she instruct me on what to do physically, she helped me mentally through childbirth.  I am proud to say that I naturally delivered a 4 lb 7 oz baby girl named Savannah.I hope that I have the pleasure of being Lindsay’s patient when we have our next baby.  She made sure that I followed my own wishes.  She was compassionate, caring and supportive.  I will never forget that day.  Thank you, Lindsay!